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Saw you for the first time today in a whole entire year, and damn I was shocked to see you. Felt like a whole lot of memories rushing towards me as I immediately turned around and walked towards the direction I came from, avoiding you at all costs. Didn’t recognize you at first, but in a city like this, I had it coming for me, just wasn’t prepared for when the moment would come. Hell, I’m more of a pussy than I thought.

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cleaning up my journal and personal posts on my blog, looking back I was an insecure little shit LOL 

this is definitely proof that people can grow past their fears and conquer 8)

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I’ve got everything I need to be happy, but I’m just missing one thing in my life.

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I wish I lived in Vampire Diaries or PLL. I belong in a place like that.

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Feeling good cuz some bitchass got decked today. The asshole deserved it lolll CHROME TO THE DOMEEEE

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Lil vent

Lately I’ve been wishing for someone I was able to talk to, someone who would understand what it feels like to love someone. Whom would hear me out about how much I regret the things I have done to push the only one who understood me away, and not knowing wether or not it’s time to give up. Loving them when it’s too late and realizing as time flies what I should’ve done and having no way to turn back. I’ve been eager, anxious, for a small miracle, for a day to come when I have someone by my side again. This feeling, it’s like loving someone whom has eyes for somebody else, and it just really sucks that they happen to be on my mind quite so often.

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Italia Faith

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Beyonce, my inspiration.

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I swear someone just fucking snapped their fingers and theres no one in the fucking room im just gonna pretend i never fucking heard that

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I have a mosquito bite on my toe, boy is it itchy :’(

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